a close up of a bunch of different items on a table.

AGTV Finishing School Live – For Him

Hello crafters,

We are so excited for our 2 upcoming AGTV shows this month. Get out your calendars and put stars next to both May 17th and May 24th! Next Wednesday we will have a For Him themed AGTV, and on May 24th we will have our special edition Finishing School Live with the Flower Shop Finishing School Craft Box.

a close up of a bunch of different items on a table.

Join us next week for a wonderful hour of creativity, friendship and so much more! We can’t wait to inspire you with projects for dear old dad!

Catch up on our previous 6 AGTV shows here on our website.





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Happy Wonderful Wednesday! Hope you are all taking a well deserved day of rest today; after a long weekend of CAH 3 and craft day. I loved all your presentations, Anna, and am looking forward to receiving my goodies!

Count me in for AGTV! I am always looking for masculine card inspiration. I have Flower Cart (with Flower Shop on the way). New ideas are always welcome. Hope everyone has a fantabulous day! 😊 💖

Karen Cloonan

I can’t wait to see the videos!

Barbara Lochridge (Scrappygal Barbara)

11:00 is a much anticipated time of the day for me…Anna posts on her blog! Can’t wait for the AGTV sessions, they are incredibly helpful and enjoyable. My second installment of the craft box is coming on Friday, the Flower Shop, and I hope that is being showcased. Great shows yesterday, but that is just a broken record….it’s ALWAYS great😊

Cindi K.

Looking forward to the Card Project for Him. Guess we can’t leave the men out of the designs. On the other hand .. remember the wise saying “Real men
Love Flowers !”. Noted my Calendar.

Helen Martin

Thanks for dates & time for AGTV Classes.
Boy many are still in dream land over the fabulous CAH3 event ! At least I keep reading about happiness over CAH3 on social messages
It was and still a beautiful event with your fabulous products 💙🤍❤️

Annie Laura Pence

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