a close up of a bunch of different items on a table.

AGTV Finishing School Live – For Him

Hello crafters,

We are so excited for our 2 upcoming AGTV shows this month. Get out your calendars and put stars next to both May 17th and May 24th! Next Wednesday we will have a For Him themed AGTV, and on May 24th we will have our special edition Finishing School Live with the Flower Shop Finishing School Craft Box.

a close up of a bunch of different items on a table.

Join us next week for a wonderful hour of creativity, friendship and so much more! We can’t wait to inspire you with projects for dear old dad!

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Looking forward to more AGTV craftspiration!🤩👏🏽👏🏽


Yvonne Alvizo

These are great products to make for all the special men in our life. Also great for scrapbooking pages. Thank you for all you do.

Miriam Robinson

Gentlemen study all the way! We must celebrate the good men in our lives. Salutations to my dad who taught us to be good citizens and never ever showed us a world where we were not equals, I am forever grateful for that childhood. An applaud to my wonderful husband that supports me everyday and knows I love all things Anna Griffin! Feeling blessed to celebrate Mother’s day and thankful that us crafters have learned to celebrate “Fathers Day” the Anna Griffin way! It’s beautiful in the making indeed! 🌺


I’ve got my calendar primed and ready!

Kelly Boyle

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