A card with a pumpkin and flowers on it.

Simply Rocking Pumpkin Card Making Kit- Made Easy

Hello crafters,

Spooky season is in full swing and the amazing Simply Rocking Pumpkin Card Making Kit is just the thing for sending fall, harvest and Halloween greetings. Everything you need to create 12 rocking pumpkin cards is inside including card bases, the rocking mechanism, double-sided pumpkin layers, embellishments, sentiments and more. If you don’t have this wonderful kit, then you can get it on sale on our website this week. Today, we are going to show you how to make the most fantastic layered card.

Let’s get to rockin’!

Fold one of the card bases, and form the rocking mechanism into an “M” or “W”.

A gold plate with a letter m on it.

Attach the mechanism to the middle, bottom of the card.

A piece of paper with a hole in it sitting on top of a marble table.

Attach one of the pumpkin layers with foam adhesive, and get ready to add a second one for added weight and depth.

Two pumpkins and a notepad on a marble table.

Now, your rocking card has 2 pumpkins!

A notepad with a painted pumpkin on it.

When adding embellishments, it is important to make sure that you are creating balance so that your card rocks properly.

Here we concentrated embellishments in the middle.

A card with a pumpkin on it next to a piece of paper.

A golden leaf embellishment and a Have a Happy Halloween Banner Sticker from the kit complete our rocking card!

Have a happy halloween notepad.

Your spooktacular card is ready to send! Who do you need to say hello to this season? We know that they are sure to enjoy a card from the Simply Rocking Pumpkin Card Making Kit!

A card with a pumpkin and flowers on it.

This purple and black pumpkin is a fun one to make and send!

A card with a pumpkin and flowers on it.

We love a pumpkin with a flower crown!

A card with a jack o lantern on it.

Make decorative cuts in your pumpkin layer to reveal the pattern underneath.

A card with a pumpkin and leaves on it.

Create a jack-o-lantern by cutting out the eyes, nose and mouth of an additional pumpkin layer.

A card with a jack o lantern on it.

You are sure to have a great time making all 12 rocking pumpkin cards in this kit. Spend an enjoyable afternoon mixing and matching the cards, layers and embellishments until your heart’s content. Access this tutorial for the next week, and get an all access pass to all things Anna Griffin with an AG Membership. We look forward to having you in our community. Tomorrow, October 1th is our next AGTV show! Meet us at 12pm EST on www.annagriffin.com/agtv for an hour long show with all things pink. We look forward to seeing you!

A pink and gold card with a bow on it.





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I like the creative rocking cards. The pumpkins are nice.

Jackolyn King

So cute, so fun…

Mary Drew

I bought the Rocking Pumpkins Set a while back to make for next year. I did enjoy learning about the cutout face for making them Jack-O-Lanterns though. Very cute! 🎃

Thanks for the tutorial Anna!

Diane Pinkston

Well I just love everything Halloween. I keep saying that so I ordered that pumpkin card kit. Can’t wait for it to arrive. I absolutely love Tuesdays on the Anna Griffin Channel, she always has so many helpful hints. Love you Anna.

sheryle fagan

Too cute this is a great project. You could also make for Thanksgiving or Autumn. This is a great card set.

Vanessa Fuentes

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