Pink, layered slimline card with ribbons and hearts

Ribbon of Hearts Slimline Dies- Made Easy

Hi crafters,

Love is in the air, and today we are making wonderful valentines to send to friends and family with the Ribbon of Hearts Slimline Dies. This gorgeous die set cuts, embosses and diecuts the prettiest bows, ribbons and hearts for you to create with. If you don't have this set, you can get it on sale on our website this week. We are going to teach you how to inlay, overlay and nest layers on this card.

 Roses are red, violets are blue, come see today's tutorial that we have just for you!

First, we nested the shadow layers together to create these two pieces.

Next, nest the two intricate dies to get these two pink pieces.

Cut the red foil cardstock to get the inlay pieces. 

Save the layers for another card.

Add the largest, gold shadow layer to a slimline card. This one is from the Slimline Birthday Card Making Kit.

Use foam adhesive to attach the red hearts to the smallest, intricate layer.

Next adhere the pink layer with on top of the gold with foam adhesive.

Now, add a rectangular layer made from Heirloom Lace.

Then the small shadow layer and inlayed heart layer get added with foam adhesive.

Then 2 floral stickers get placed horizontally.

Create a pretty sentiment made from the Celebration Cartouche Cut and Emboss Folders and the Mini Holiday Sentiment Stickers.

Now you have the prettiest valentine full of hearts, flowers and all things love. Send it to someone special in honor of Valentine's Day.

The Ribbon of Hearts Slimline Dies are great for all kinds of cards. 

Create box cards and decorate with the Ribbon of Hearts Slimline Dies.

Use the shadow layer to make shaped cards.

Use your favorite patterns, textures and colors to make gorgeous layers. 

We are excited to see your valentines! Take a minute and share the ones that you are making with us on our social media channels. Your crafting inspires us every day! If you can't get enough Valentine's Day crafting ideas, then you are in luck. Tomorrow is our Celebrate Love crafting show on AGTV. We have a multitude of pretty projects to show, share and craft with you. There will be giveaways, special bundles, new products and so much more.



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Love is in the air, not just for Valentine’s Day, but Wedding and Anniversary cards as well. And who wouldn’t love to get a card like this just to hear I love you from someone special?
Another great tutorial, with helpful tips. Thank you Anna!
Happy Crafting!

Leslie Ramsey

Oh my! These are gorgeous!

Julie Freysinger

Thank you Anna for sharing how to make this beautiful card! I loved you are using so many of the small hearts! I always keep all my scraps as I never know when I could use them on a card! This card is so very beautiful and yes, it would be perfect for an anniversary too! Love all your ideas Anna! ♥️♥️♥️

Mary White

I love these slimline heart dies. All the cards are beautiful!

Eleanor Brooks

I never knew how beautiful the Ribbon of Hearts cards could be! This is yet another die set I hope to get. Thank you for the easy-to-follow instructions, Anna.

Kelly Ann Boyle

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