Luxury Icon Purse Dies- Made Easy

Luxury Icon Purse Dies- Made Easy

Hello Griffinites,

Tuesdays are for crafting and today we are going to make an amazing purse with the Luxury Icon Purse Dies. These wonderful dies give you two bag options; one is a fold-able purse and the other is a 3D purse with gusseted sides. We love using these beautiful purses, and they are great for birthdays, to say hello, to house a gift card and even as a party favor. We used several different items to make today’s gorgeous project that we will list below. If you are a fan of pretty purses, then you will love making this project with us today! If you don’t have the Luxury Icon Purse Dies, then you can get them on sale on our website this week!

Come craft with us!

First, nest the purse and purse shadow layer onto 2 sheets from the Animal Print Cardstock.

Run this through twice to ensure cutting. You can cut 2 at a time because of the intricate leather pattern on the cardstock.

A set of dies and a cutting mat on a marble table.

Next, use 2 pieces of double-sided brown cardstock from the Foliage and Leaf Cardstock to create the 2 pieces of the purse and the hinge needed to connect them.

A bottle of perfume on a marble countertop.

From another piece of leather cardstock, cut the purse belt, handles, tag and decorative portion of the purse.

A pair of scissors and a pair of scissors on a marble table.

Use tear tape on the hinge to attach the 2 sides together.

Two brown paper envelopes on a marble surface.

Now your purse structure is formed.

Two brown envelopes on a marble surface.

Use foam adhesive to add the decorative layers to the front and back of the purse.

Flower of life coasters and a piece of paper.

Add the decorative portions to the top front and back of the purse. We added small, gold details for an additional pop of color.

A brown handbag and a notepad on a marble table.

Voila! Your leather purse is ready to decorate!

A brown handbag with a piece of paper next to it.

We created collages to add to the purse using the Birthday Box Signature Cards, Favorite Flowers 3D Stickers and the Super Sentiment Stickers.

An image of a handbag and flowers on a marble table.

Do you know someone who would love to receive this incredible birthday card?

A handbag with flowers and a tag on it.

Add your sentiment inside, add your message and send!

A brown paper bag with flowers on it.

Create a purse for any occasion! A gusseted, pink ostrich purse is just the thing for sending warm wishes.

A pink purse with flowers and tassels.

How pretty is this gold and red beauty? This purse is perfect for saying hello to a friend!

A red handbag with flowers on it.

Tonal purses are elegant for any occasion.

A pink purse with flowers and butterflies on it.

We just love how the Animal Print Cardstock works with the Luxury Icon Purse Dies. So versatile!

A handbag with flowers and flowers on it.

Now it’s time for you to make your own iconic purse! Reference this blog post for the next week and share it with a friend. With your AG Membership you can find hundreds of step by step tutorials that are sure to expand your creative horizons. We are excited to see your purses on our social media channels. Share them with us; we are so inspired by your creative interpretations. Tomorrow is our next AGTV show. Join us Wednesday, September 20th at 12pm for Holiday Splendor! It’s going to be an amazing, festive show with special guests, exciting bundles, items from the archive and lots of giveaways. Tune in for a jolly good time!

A collection of holiday cards featuring roses and a sleigh.

Bye for now,





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I always liked that die and it’s still on my wish list. Who knows, maybe I will get it for Christmas 🎄 Love the different papers you used on each of the purses ❤️

Paula Pembroke

I was FINALLY able to eek out a few hours to get some of my Christmas cards made. This last couple months have been CRAZY busy. So glad for my Anna Griffin cards boxes. Still waiting for my purse dies. Love the inspiration pictures. I’m excited to try those out too. My Granddaughter will love the purse card for her birthday in a couple weeks. Perfect to tuck a few dollars in! Thank you for all you do Anna Griffin and company!


I love the use of the animal print. Such a lovely die set!

Sandra Hansen

What stunning purses, they look if you were buying expensive purses. Such beautiful creations. I cannot wait to play with mine.

Vanessa Fuentes

Thank you for the video. I learned something I didn’t know before (cutting the shadow outline with the design). I will be doing this soon!

Cheryl Stone

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