A collage of papers with a birdcage and flowers.

Live Stream Lowdown: Wishing Well Finishing School Craft Box

Hello Griffinites,

Our September Finishing School Live was such a great time last week. In case you missed it, we are recapping it below and you can always watch on your own time here. During our hour together we did a deep dive, and got up close and personal with the Wishing Well Finishing School Craft Box. This kit is the third installment of this year’s Finishing School Craft Boxes. The Wishing Well Finishing School Craft Box is a hybrid kit, complete with dies, card bases, layers, embellishments, sentiments and the best part video instruction! There are so many ways to create with this kit, and on AGTV we showed you how to make 3 more spectacular projects. Before we get into our recap, here is a list of last week’s winners! If you see your name below and haven’t done so already, please email us at RSVP@annagriffin.com.

  • Cindy Werth
  • Jan Murray
  • Deborah Lone
  • Kathy Hornschemier
  • Yvonne Rockman
  • Joy Gardner

The Create 9 winner was Clarissa Miller; congratulations!

Here’s a look at last week’s show!

A collage of papers with a birdcage and flowers.

In Project 1, we created an incredible, duplexed wishing well card. This 360 experience creates such a wonderful easel card!

A pop up card with flowers on it.

Can’t get enough of this kit? You are in luck! We have the Wishing Well Embellishments and Wishing Well Double-Sided Card Card Stock available to supplement the kit.

A stack of papers with floral designs on them.

A large arrangement of flowers, leaves, and labels.

We had our special guest Deepa Black and loved hearing about her work with the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, PA and how she brings crafting into the lives of 11 students!

Two pictures of a woman talking on the phone.

Our second project taught you how to recess a wishing well inside a card to create a window looking in and a different kind of easel.

A pink card with roses and butterflies on it.

For our final project we made an amazing 3D wishing well made with 6 cut wishing wells. What’s great is that this folds flat so you can send it, and you can use fewer cuts to create a similar effect. Watch the replay, we show you how!

A gold card with roses and a bow.

Our Crafts Team makes so many inspiring projects. Watch the replay to take a look inside the project box; you are sure to find beautiful cards that will inspire you!

A collection of cards with flowers and birds on them.

Our Sneak Peek segment gave you your first look at a few brand new, upcoming items that are only available during the show. We also highlighted the wonderful embellishment packs that we have for you to create year round flower carts!

Christmas Flower Cart Embellishments

a bunch of different types of decorative items on a table.   a decorative cart with flowers and a red and white striped awning.

Birthday Flower Cart Embellishments

a collection of paper flowers and labels.   a card with flowers and balloons.

Haunted Flower Cart Embellishments

A collection of stickers, tags and ribbons on a white surface.   A pop up card with an image of a pumpkin cart.

If you are not an AG Member yet, now is the time to join! We have hundreds of wonderful, instructional videos with tips, tricks, projects and more. Get members only discounts, free shipping on orders over $50 and that’s just the beginning!

We are so excited for Create 9! We have the most amazing weekend planned for November 10th- 12th, 2023. We hope that you will join us for a virtual crafting event like no other!

Join us on September 20th at 12pm EST for our next lively show, Holiday Splendor!

A collection of holiday cards featuring roses and a sleigh.





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I loved all the cards but my favorite was the recessed wishing well! I’m definitely going to try this!! Thanks Anna and your team!

Kathy Cowens

Can’t wait for the holiday splendor.

Dolores K

I loved the AGTV show! And I definitely love your teams takes on the wishing welI. I already have an idea for another one. And most of all I love that you have different sets for the flower cart. I hope you do the same for the other auto-ships. Though I definitely love the flower cart the most. I can’t wait for holiday splendour! I see trees with snow. I hope we are getting trees with snow!

Barbara Lochridge (Scrappygal Barbara)

Love Sept 20th’s show theme, cannot wait! I learned something very important when buying AG auto ships. Sometimes we get a peek at what’s coming down the line and it doesn’t look as appealing as the first shipment. I was tempted to cancel the Wishing Well and Fountain because they just didn’t seem as interesting as the Cart and Shop. WELL, then Anna and her team got to “Anna-fying” the next shipment, and it is stunning! I LOVE all shipments of this. I played with the Wishing Well and found it so enchanting. Budget be darned, I will always get the entire Auto Ship. So very happy with it all this year. Thank you!

Cindi K.

It was an AWESOME AGTV show!🤩👏🏽👏🏽 Congrats to the winners!💃🏻🎉


Yvonne Alvizo

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