a card with a picture of a flower on it.

Fan Mail Friday- June 16th, 2023

Hello dear friends,

Happy Fan Mail Friday day! We love ending the work week on a sweet note, and your amazing cards and letters let us do just that! Our ongoing correspondence brings us so much joy each week. Our crafting community is the absolute best! From Canton Bleu to CAH3 paper scraps, each card we received is so innovative, heartfelt and gorgeous. Thank you to everyone who reached out to us this week. You have made our day!

Buckle up buttercup, it’s time to dive into our cards and letters.

Our sweet friend Eileen said that she thinks of us when she sees beautiful flowers and unique architectural designs. She sent this beautiful card and stunning books on London and Paris in bloom!

a magazine with a bicycle on it next to a card.

Thalia enjoyed Crop at Home 3 and is looking forward to Create 9. She said that she would love to see a krug champagne paper collection. Adding to our requests!

a card with a vase of flowers on it next to a greeting card.

Tina saved all of her precious scraps from CAH3 and made this gorgeous card. She is eagerly awaiting Create 9!

a card with a picture of a flower on it.

Martha called Crop at Home 3 an absolute fairytale filled with laughter, inspiration and endless fun! Thank you for the lovely card!

a close up of a small card with a clock on it.

Canton Bleu is Kara’s favorite collection, and blue and white china makes her think of us! She wrote to thank us for all of the beautiful work that we do and for the happiness we have brought her. That’s so nice, Kara; thank you!

a card with flowers and vases on it.

We have the highly anticipated answers from last week’s “How Well Do You Know Anna Griffin?” game. Give yourself a pat on the back if you got any of the answers correct!

  1. What is Anna’s favorite TV show? Survivor
  2. Who is Anna’s favorite musical artist? Taylor Swift 
  3. What is Anna’s favorite card kit that she has created? China Cabinet Finishing School Craft Box
  4. What is Anna’s favorite salty snack? Popcorn
  5. What is Anna’s favorite color? Pink

Nothing would make us happier than hearing from you! If you would like to send something our way, you can mail it to us at 99 Armour Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30324. In just 2 short hours we are live with our June Finishing School Live on AGTV! Click the link to watch our hour long show this afternoon at 12pm Eastern. We will be sharing tips and tricks all about how to create scrapbooks for your most cherished memories. You can watch on your phone, tablet or computer; just click AGTV!

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Bye for now,




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Great Fan Mail Friday! Looking forward to AGTV shortly!

Anita Cooper

Anna, are you hiring I need a second Job!!! Hahaha!!! Your SALES this month are filling my craft room, for a summer full of crafting.
Fan Mail is so pretty today everyone made such creative cards. And the books, I could just sit in the backyard with a glass of wine and totally enjoy them.

Sheri Fitch

The ultimate. Trying to figure out how to make popcorn pink!

Sound always varies on this blog…I have very good speakers but 100% is never enough. depend on captions.


Just finished AGTV… what a whirlwind of gorgeous and stunning projects! So many amazing techniques – can’t wait to attempt them. Congratulations to all of today’s winners. Enjoy!!

Karen Cloonan

So nice of Eileen to gift those exquisite books. I love your beautiful top, Anna, with its colors that are my favorites in decor. Can you share where you found it ? Todays Finishing School really impressed on me that Scrapbooking is legacy making. And who better to keep the scrapbooking fires burning than Martha in Texas. Her card just speaks to her ingenuity and warmth. Thalia created a wonderful card both outside and inside, a homage to fine champagne. Kara’s Canton Bleu card is beyond sweet. I can never get enough of that FS box and CAH3. Tina really crafted the scraps into a little gem of a thank you card for CAH3; just seeing her card puts a smile on my face and happiness thinking of that perfect event. Glad to hear you get to escape to the seaside. Enjoy.

Anne Cronin

Anne Cronin

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