a greeting card with a picture of a flower shop.

Fan Mail Friday – Grateful Greetings

Hello crafters,

Happy June to you! Summer is on its way, and we are gearing up for our amazing 2 hour block HSN Sale Show this Monday, June 5th from 2pm to 4pm. It’s going to be a fun-filled show with exciting bundles, never before seen products and so much more. We hope that you will join us; if you missed the post, everything you need to make your shopping list is here!

This week we received the nicest, most wonderful fan mail from our Griffinites around the country. Thank you’s for Crop at Home 3 are still pouring in and we are feeling the love! It’s hard to believe that it has been a month since we were cropping our hearts out!

Come see what came in the mail this week!

Our friend Penny said that this year’s Crop at Home 3 was the best one yet and that she is already dreaming of the next one!

a close up of a card with flowers on it.

How pretty is Doris’s Canton Bleu card? She sent this lovely card to thank us for having her participate in CAH3! She said that she has met so many wonderful friends and that they are there for each other in good times and difficult times, always encouraging and inspiring each other. That’s what it’s all about!

a wall hanging with a vase and plates on it.

Donna was in desperate need of some craft time and found it in Crop at Home 3! She hosted a couple of other Griffinites and they had a blast together.

a close up of a greeting card with flowers.

We can officially say that Crop at Home 3 got Jan back into scrapbooking! She loved the prep work, and was able to keep up and complete her pages (minus photos and journaling). She’s got her ticket to Create 9 and is ready for the fun!

a greeting card with a picture of a flower shop.

Each card you mailed in is just so fantastic. Thank you for thinking of us, taking the time to write and letting us get to know you through your beautiful letters and cards. Fan Mail Friday is the best! If you would like to submit something for next week’s Fan Mail Friday, you can send your card to us at 99 Armour Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30324.

a birthday card with flowers and a teapot.

We look forward to hearing from you! Next week, along with our HSN Sale Shows, we have our next AGTV Show: Summer Fun on Thursday, June 8th at 12pm. We hope that you will join us right on our website for a crafting filled hour of creativity. Anyone can watch, so invite a friend who loves crafting! Watch the live and recorded show here.

Bye for now,




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Hi Anna and team,,
Fanmail Fridays are the best day of the week. Thanks for sharing with us.
I am looking forward to June 5th on HSN. That looks like a “Buckle Up Buttercup” day. Can’t wait.

Kara Lewis

love the dies with the wide open spaces for “see thru”. Are there any of these dies that could be used with the mini empress? Very much would love to see this happen for the visual impact is what is desired. Could this be addressed in one of your daily blog sets?

Thank you.

Linda Chmielewski-Larsen

You mentioned the North Carolina Tar Heels Griffinites. I am a new resident to North Carolina and I would love to get in with this group. If anyone can direct me, that would be awesome.

Just can’t get enough of all these beautiful cards.

Catherine Graham

You are all so creative!

Vikki Entrekin

Lovely cards. I’ve got to get started on the Flower Shop Finishing School Box but am in need of more Gold Metallic Cardstock for all my Anna Griffin Dies. Could you please bring back that item on HSN . I have all different colors but no more gold in my stash. I seem to have used it all when making those beautiful Flower Cart Dies. Oh me, oh my!

Bonnie Dunkle

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