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Fan Mail Friday- February 17th, 2023

Hello crafters,

Happy Friday to you! We love our time to connect together at the end of each week. Reading the mail on Fridays is our very favorite thing to do!

Come see why we love Fan Mail Friday so much!

Laura sent in a sweet Valentine’s Day Card, a beautiful anniversary card and a decoupaged box full of chocolate. Thank you, Laura!

It may be snowing in Michigan, but Mary is making gorgeous cards. We appreciate you, Mary!

Charlene won one of our Win It Wednesday prizes, and sent in this lovely thank you card. She had lots of fun creating the 6 cards we featured in the Finishing School classes!

Thank you for the sweet cards, letters and projects that you sent in today! If you would like to mail something in for Fan Mail Friday, then we would love to hear from you. Send your cards to our office at 99 Armour Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30324. We look forward to seeing the St. Patrick’s Day projects and more that you create! Join us on Tuesday at 12pm for our Flower Cart Finishing School Craft Box Live event on AGTV! We have an entire hour full of beautiful learning planned for you, and hope to see you there! Anyone can join! Check out our Facebook page to see how you can win one of three Flower Cart Craft Boxes today for Random Acts of Kindness Day!





Email hello@annagriffin.com

Call (888) 817-8170

Mon-Fri, 8AM–4:30PM ET

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I would love to win one of the beautiful prizes.
I just finished setting up a craft area in my son’s old bedroom. Looking forward to many hours of crafting with all the Anna griffin supplies.

Vita Veronesi

beautiful in the making

Doris Bradley

I told myself I couldn’t buy another thing and then I saw the flower cart. Unfortunately I can’t watch tomorrows show but I do have my new kit sitting here waiting for me to dig into it. you have so many beautiful new items coming out I am running out of room, so I need to be picky.

Marce Goodwill

Anna, your AGTV LIVE Finishing School shows are so much fun. I can watch you do a craft with your products and chat with friends who are also watching. This is truly a GREAT FUN time for many of us. I live in North Dallas area and Shellie F. is only active member who lives near me but she is a new grandmother and does baby sittting. ( Which I don’t blame her.) Two others nearby but they too are busy young mothers. Therefore, this AGTV LIVE helps me to visit with crafters. Since I am scrapbooking family more, I do enjoy watching “Martha’s Paper Crafts” on You Tube. Martha Frischknect lives about 7-8 hours from me even though we are in TX , it is just too far to drive just to for a short visit. But we do visit with calls and messages. She uses your products in such creative ways.
While I had pnuemonia, my Flower Cart box came in. It truly helped brighten my days. ow that I am recovered, I want to make a Flower Cart card. Watching AGTV tomorrow will be inspiring to use my new box of cards.
Wishing you and your company of workers at wonderful , healthy week.
See you on AGTV tomorrow.

Annie Laura

FB said to comment for a chance to win. I’d love to win! I just got the
large plates for my empress for Christmas so I’m just starting to make slimline cards for the first time!

Rhonda Williams

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