beautiful pair of pink, blue and gold paper shoes from Yukari

Fan Mail Friday - February 16th, 2024

Hello Griffinites,

Today, we have a table full of love! From sweet valentines to heartfelt thank you's and congratulatory anniversary cards. We can certainly feel your love and hugs right through each card and letter. Thank you for making us feel so warm and fuzzy on this Friday morning! 

Come take a look at the wonderful cards, letters and paper perfection that has come into the mail today!

We received the most beautiful valentine hanger from Julie. From the fringe to the flowers, this is so gorgeous. Onto the door it goes; sending love right back to you!

This stunning duo of cards is from our friend Laura in Arizona! Her anniversary card has the prettiest tiara and the valentine a lovely shutter card with antique postcard and glitter.

Tracy's pretty card features a carte noire background and champagne bottles from the Birthday Celebration Stickers!

We spy one of our favorite paper patterns on Diane's sweet anniversary card. How cute is her easel with the hydrangea print from our Rose Papercrafting Collection? She is proud to be a part of our community!

We have loved seeing how versatile the Photo Finish Easel Card Dies have been! Thank you for the amazing card and letter, Betty! You made our day!

This gorgeous box of shoes was made by none other than master crafter, Yukari! Her kirigami shoe box has us all ooh-ing and ahh-ing! Yukari, you always make beautiful things and we love everything about this, including your appre-shoe-ation!

What a truly fantastic Fan Mail Friday! Thank you to everyone who sent something in this week. You make our hearts happy! If you would like to submit something for Fan Mail Friday, you can mail a card to our office at 99 Armour Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30324.

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend, and that you will join us on Tuesday for our Members Only show. It's going to be a wonderful time together!






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How lovely! So inspired by these works of art. Thank you for sharing. I must try to make shoes; Yukari, your box and shoes are beyond outstanding.

Doreen Stubbs

This made my day even though I was too sick to view on Friday. I am so glad I went back to see everything and feel energy coming back just from watching. Thank you for having this display each week. Love you, Anna. Coni

Constance Thomas

Such beautiful cards and the shoes are soooo amazing!!!!!

Tracy Zindrick

In your YouTube this morning, Monday February 19th, you showed your old book Designer Cards and Tags with Anna Griffin. I purchased this book when I began my cardmaking journey. Can you tell me please, what year this book was first on the shelves at my Michael’s stores? Thank you for all of your elegant inspiration over the years Anna! Sincerely, Jan

Jan Francis

Just love the catchup. being away makes this soo special. hope all had a wonderful Valentine!

Kathleen Louise Hornschemeier

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