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Fan Mail Friday – 13th “Anna”versary

Hello friends,

We’ve been busily preparing for the 13th anniversary of our Anna Griffin Elegant Papercrafting shows on HSN. It’s hard to believe that we have had 13 years of fun on HSN, getting to show you the crafting items, projects and more that we create for our creative community. This week we received beautiful holiday cards, “Anna”versary cards, thank you cards and even a stunning valentine. We are so grateful to you for the wonderful mail that you send this week, and for all of the love and support you provide us.

Let’s catch up with this week’s fan mail.

Charlotte in Texas made the prettiest 13th Anniversary card to celebrate our Anna Griffin Elegant Papercrafting shows on HSN. Thank you so much!

Our friend Marie Fix mailed us the most lovely “Anna”versary card. She used the Simply Anniversary Card Kit, and elevated it in a beautiful way. Thank you for the well wishes!

Marcey’s card is set to 11pm CST because that’s where she will be watching! She wrote that she loves to watch our shows, see the examples and the creativity they inspire.

Irene made the most gorgeous valentine! She said that she was one of our biggest fans and loves the products we create. What a sweet card!

We were so excited to hear from Kenny! Kenny recently won on Win It Wednesday, and truly loves making cards for others and appreciates how much they mean. We are so glad that you are in the Griffinite community, Kenny!

Diane and Patrick wished us 13 x 13 more years of beauty, creativity, fun and success. Thank you so much, friends! We’re so happy to know you.

Again, we want to thank you for all of the well wishes and congratulations you have sent, and we hope that you will join us on HSN this Tuesday, January 17th for what will be an amazing Craft Day. Tune in at midnight, 11am, 4pm and 10pm (and all day long with the Today’s Special) for a beautiful day of crafting.

We would absolutely love to hear from you! If you would like to send something to our office, you can mail it to us at 99 Armour Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30324. We will see you on TV!





Email hello@annagriffin.com

Call (888) 817-8170

Mon-Fri, 8AM–4:30PM ET

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Awww, all the cards are pretty! Happy Anna-versary to you and your fabulous crew!
I love the sense of community and friendship that you and your products inspire! No one does it better than you!

I have a request, pretty please. I love the shaped cards in today’s mail and I would love to see that size die offered for sale. The ones in my compendium set will not make a full-sized card, and I would REALLY love to see a set of 5×7 dies for making my own shaped cards.
Also, will we be seeing any more mini, 4 × 6” dies? I make quite a few of these size cards for nursing home donations a few times a year, and they, too, make very nice card and topper layers. I would definitely love to expand my variety.
Again, Happy 13th Anna-versary! 💖💖💖

Terry Lubinski

It’s so nice to see you so appreciated by all your followers. You sure have brought me lot of happy hours through the years. Thank you!

Kara Lewis

I’m putting it on our calendar for midnight on January 17th. Looking forward to the craft day and the shopping 🛍 list.

Anita Cooper

Special Anna-versary wishes! The beautiful projects shown are a testament to just how special you and your team are. Great job, everyone. Best wishes to all for a wonderful, safe and blessed weekend. ❤️ 😊

Karen Cloonan

Happy anniversary Anna! I’ve been following you for about 10 years and even still have some of your older products that are still as relevant and beautiful as they were then! Thank you for all you do! Keep up that wonderful southern spirit!

Sue Hollahan

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