Craftspiration - December 7th, 2023

Craftspiration - December 7th, 2023

Hi crafters,

Are you currently experiencing a crafting frenzy like we are? The countdown to Christmas is on with just over 2 and a half weeks to go. Can you believe it? Below you will find excellent ideas, festive inspiration and hopefully a boost of self confidence when you see how freely and wonderfully our community shares. Seeing your cards brings us so much joy!

Behold! Griffinites' amazing cards are on display!

Joyce said, "This is my Sunday share; a day or two late! I had so much fun making this."

This is just perfect Joyce! Great interpretation using the Christmas Truck Dies.

Bethany posted, "I am making Hanukkah cards for this week. I love Anna’s Hanukkah card making kit! Every year when I make them, I receive such compliments. One person even framed it. The best feeling in the world."
Shellie said, "Happy Sunday Share, friends! Christmastime is here, and it's all about THE GIFT! It's not only fun making special gifts this season, but also delivering them--like a handmade 'Perfume Box' filled with candy KISSES! The FUN is in the endless ways to decorate papercrafted boxes. How about a red Santa-suit style?"
How cute is your Christmas perfume box? So good, Shellie!
Linda wrote, "Happy Sunday everyone. Here is my Sunday share card from the
Christmas for all cardstock stickers snd sentiments. All Anna’s."
Such a cute Santa card! 
Coletta said, "Our friend’s nickname is Woodie… so I had to make him and his a wife a Christmas Woodie Wagon for their open house this weekend! I didn’t have much time to spend on it but it was still a hit!"
Lu shared, "I decided to try the Mini Nativity Dies with the Victorian Christmas Dies from Create 9. The Sunday Share cards are beautiful! Have a wonderful day!"
Valerie posted, "Addressing my Christmas Wishes cards. Dear Anna, next year I hope you and your Team are adding a kit in shades of blue with ivory and gold accents. Blessings to all."
Diane said, "My Sunday Share. I made this card at Create 9 with the Beautiful Birthday 3D Concentric Dies and added a deconstructed piece of one of the Trellis Album dies as trim."
Terry wrote, "Happy Sunday Creative Friends! Today, I'm sharing a Christmas card featuring the festive Christmas Wishes Concentric dies. Also on the card, the Diorama Card dies for the gold holly and Beautiful Bow dies for the bow."
Dayle posted, "I didn’t get this beautiful die set till after Christmas last year.  I couldn’t wait to start making these for Christmas this year."
You made 5 beautiful nativity easel cards, Dayle! Lovely!
Diane said, "We put together snow globe kits for our youngest grand kiddos (twins), so nothing better than Anna’s snow globe to accompany them."
Tina posted, "I was inspired by the Finishing School Pink Petal Flower Shop project to make a tea shop to house a tea tin gift for a very good friend. I had so much fun making all the little embellishments to transform the flower shop into a tea shop! This project was truly a labor of love.Thanks for all the inspiration and all the products that help us make beautiful things!"
Diane shared, "The Nativity Easel Card Dies can be easily put together in different ways and make beautiful religious Christmas cards. I think those receiving these cards will treasure them and set them out to display."
Carolyn posted, "I couldn't resist sharing! I truly enjoyed CREATE 9! Thanks so much! I took my time on making it this searched thru my crafting items and improvise. I had many memories that came flooding back. Yes, my aunts, and my one uncle- along with my mom, would all learn to sew with both of my grandmothers making all sorts of beautiful items. In my project most of the furniture items I used were all AG products. The sewing room and tools embossing folder set and the Vignette cardstock and embellishments and dies.  I added a string of tiny lights to illuminate the inside and I had to slightly modify the hangers to fit the clothing pole inside (gold drinking straw). The dresses really made it feel so real and I loved doing them fancy. The basket is from Anna's sewing stamp set filled with paper scraps. The mirrors were made from scrap pieces of mirror cardstock. Truly feel blessed 🙏🏽and grateful for your generosity."
Each piece is so special. Thank you for sharing with us; we are so glad you enjoyed your Create experience!
Susan said, "Anna and Team, I have been working on the Christmas ornaments from Create 9 and wanted to say thank you so much for this wonderful project, they are really inspiring."
Marcie posted, "One can always adapt the dies to cover most every situation.  I made this card for one of my nieces that was having twin boys. And of course I used the diaper gift card holder inside, to send some double help with these cuties."
Thank you for teaching us this, Marcie!
Candy said, "Your card kits provide so much inspiration and I love working with your products. And as you can see I seldom make the same card twice.Merry Christmas to you and your fantastic team!"
Excellent Christmas cards, Candy! You have been on a roll.
We know that you are so inspired after seeing all of these stunning paper projects. Thank you for sharing them with us! If you would like to be featured, post your projects on our social media channels or email us at!
Our next AGTV show is coming up on Wednesday, December 13th. Mark your calendars for Nativity Crafts!




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Thank all for the beautiful ideas.

Elinor Angelo

Such incredible beauty and talent on display. I just LOVE seeing what y’all are making.
Happy Crafting!

Leslie Ramsey

Beautiful work, Griffinites and Carolyn, your embellishments on the dresses are divine!

Donna Shirley

All of these creations are so heart-felt with love and care to make. Each one who receives cannot help but feel special. All are great and special in creating and giving.

Miriam Robinson

Every submission is so special and reflective of great creativity. Thank you all for sharing.

Kelly Ann Boyle

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