A card with a turkey and vegetables on it.

Cornucopia Easel Card Dies- Made Easy

Hello Griffinites,

Happy Halloween to you. No tricks today, we have a real treat for you featuring the Cornucopia Easel Card Dies. This set of dies is so much fun to work with and was a customer request that we couldn’t wait to create for you! Included are fruit and vegetable dies, so you can fill your horn of plenty as much as you please. They also work beautifully with the Retro Thanksgiving Stickers that we introduced this year. From cabbages and beets to pumpkins and a turkey, the imagery that you know and love for Thanksgiving is right at your fingertips. We are going to walk you through making one of these gorgeous easel cards today; if you don’t have the Cornucopia Easel Card Dies, you can get them on sale here!

Let’s make a card together!

First, we cut a piece of matte gold foil cardstock with the intricate basket die.

A set of gold dies and a box on a marble table.

Next, the easel was made with one of our favorite double-sided cardstock patterns from the Thankfulness Papercrafting Kit.

A black floral cutting mat and a black floral cutting mat.

Fold on the score line and fold the top part of the easel forward.

Add tear tape to the tab.

Two pieces of paper with tape on them.

We cut and added a shadow layer (also Thankfulness Papercrafting Kit) to the easel.

Two pieces of gold paper with a piece of paper next to them.

Add your gold cornucopia with foam adhesive.

A table with a bunch of vegetables and a notebook.

Fill your cornucopia with stickers from Retro Thanksgiving Stickers. We love the way that the colorful fruits and vegetables complete the themed card.

A piece of paper with a turkey and vegetables on it.

Add a stopper and a few choice Retro Thanksgiving Stickers to give your card the perfect place to stand.

A card with a turkey and other items on it.

Send your gorgeous cornucopia card to someone who deserves your sincere thanks this Thanksgiving, or anytime you need an impressive fall card.

A card with a turkey and vegetables on it.

Make your card as colorful or subtle as you please. We love how vibrant the fruits and vegetables can be when you use matte foil cardstock from your craft room.

A thanksgiving card with a turkey on it.

Vibrant horns of plenty will always make your card’s recipient smile!

A thanksgiving card with an orange hat on top.

Coordinate your card to make your fall decor or Thanksgiving table.

A card with flowers on top of a marble table.

These cornucopias are just so much fun to make, send or decorate with. Enjoy this tutorial for the next week here on the blog, and access it after in Finishing School. We also showed you creative ways to use the Cornucopia Dies and more during our Giving Thanks AGTV show last week. In case you missed it, watch here!

Thanksgiving card with roses and flowers on a table.

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Thank you for this great sale. This is another “got to have” in my inventory of Anna dies. Happy days for the sale.

Constance Thomas

Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us Anna. This is such a beautiful die set. Everyone have a great day and the rest of your week. May God bless you all.

Vanessa Fuentes

It would be soooo great if we had ready made envelopes for all these easel cards. Anybody else want to comment? I have to mail almost all of them, so perfectly fitting envelopes would be wonderful

Linda Griego

I love my Cornucopia die, they tuened out so pretty, thanks Anna Griffin

donna k. maddux

These are beautiful
Your cards are not just cards but
Table decorations for our Thanksgiving Dinner

Linda Wesley

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