A christmas card with a red bow and ornaments.

Christmas Wishes Card Making Kit- Made Easy

Hello crafters,

Our Christmas Wishes Card Making Kit is just the thing for making sure that all of your friends and family get a heartfelt, handmade card this holiday season. We have included the card bases, layers, sentiments, layers, collage card toppers, bows, embellishments, gold foil embellishments and more that you need to create 48 cards. We have even given you an extensive idea sheet, the adhesive and envelopes needed to complete your cards easily. If you don’t have the Christmas Wishes Card Making Kit, you can get it on sale this week on our website. Whether you have a card party, or some crafting “me time” you will love this kit!

Let’s make a festive card together!

First cut a piece of matte gold foil cardstock with one of the dies from the Cardcentric Compendium Dies.

A gold frame and a piece of paper on a marble table.

Add a border from the kit to the middle of your card with foam adhesive.

A card with a red and gold border and a piece of paper.

Add the diecut layer to the middle of your card, on top of the border.

A card with a gold frame and a piece of paper.

Add one of the sentiment layers on top of the diecut layer with foam adhesive.

A christmas card with a red and gold frame.

Next, add a sentiment of your choice to the sentiment layer.

A card with a red and gold design on it.

Then, add an embellishment to the top of the layers that matches the bottom embellishment.

Attach a red bow with foam adhesive on the loops.

A card with a red bow and a red ribbon.

Now your Wishing You The Best & Brightest Holiday Season card is ready to send!

A christmas card with a red bow and ornaments.

The theme for this year’s big Christmas box is home for the holidays. Have fun adding the holiday ginger jars, cache pots and more to your 48 cards.

A christmas card with holly leaves and berries.

With almost 500 pieces, you can create matching collages and more on your Christmas cards.

A christmas card with a deer and bow.

You can make cards as simple or as complex as you please. Create 3D cards with the Christmas Wishes Card Making Kit.

A christmas card with holly leaves and holly berries.

The Christmas Wishes Card Making Kit is the perfect kit to get or gift this holiday season. We have had the best time putting together all of the holiday cards for friends, family and loved ones, and we know that you will too! Create as simply or as elaborate as  you please with our amazing big box. Enjoy this tutorial here on the blog for the next week, and access it afterwards with your AG Membership! We always have new teaching and crafting to share with you, our amazing community!





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That was “beautiful in the making” Anna. I ordered this kit plus all kinds of AG Christmas products this year. I usually start making my Christmas cards in January after all the celebrations have calmed. That way I can continue in the spirit for quite sometime. I have this year’s made already. That gives me time to do all the other Christmas preparations.
I’m getting older now so things are slower paced. I’m so thankful for all of your products. They are beautiful and easy to use.
Happy holidays to all.

Kara Lewis

Anna thank you for creating these Christmas and Birthday card boxes. I love them and I collect them. They are so beautiful and makes all look good when we gift the cards to our friends, coworkers and family we look like rock stars thanks to you Anna. Also, I cannot wait for Create 9 it’s only a few days away. See at Create. Everyone have a great day and God bless you all.

Vanessa Fuentes

Hi Anna, just love how you were able to doll up your card samples! So pretty…And I have been getting ready for this upcoming weekend. Cleaned up my craft room yesterday. Then I opened up each package to look/see all the lovely papers, dies etc. I have each large envelope ready to go for Friday morning. Getting excited’

Lynn Smith

I am so excited, I just ordered this box of Christmas magic. After our Thanksgiving Dinner we are going a family card making party. Thank you Anna for making our holidays so much fun…


Glad I took time to watch your blog today. Thanks for showing us how to enhance our Christmas Wishes cards. I bought the Christmas matte foils so I can use them to spruce up the already beautiful cards!

Diane Pinkston

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