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Anna Griffin | Create Crop at Home 3 Highlights

Hello crafters,

We are still in awe of the amazing time that we had together during this year’s Crop at Home 3. Two thousand of you joined us for an unforgettable weekend of crafting, community and friendship! We thought that it would be fun to highlight a few of our favorite parts of Crop at Home 3 for you since it was such a memorable weekend!

As with all of our events, we approach each with an attitude of gratitude. We are so grateful to all of you who decided to join us during the event and all that you did to make it happen! This paired with our intention of being loving, caring and creative set the mood for a beautiful event. Our platform allowed all participants to post projects, share social media posts, interact in state groups and meet up to create in our virtual craft room.

We created 20 AMAZING pages over 3 days, and we were each on a personal mission to make memories together and memorialize our own personal histories. From our lovely opening poem from Penny to each of our wonderful testimonials, live guests and attention to detail, we know that everyone enjoyed the Crop at Home 3 event!

Take a look at some CAH3 highlights!

Before the event there were lots of meetings, tests and preparation!

a group of people sitting around a table.

a television screen with a picture of a bearded man on it.

Each May these gorgeous New Dawn roses bloom by Anna’s kitchen window. When we see flowers, we know it’s time to scrapbook for Crop at Home!

a bush of flowers growing on the side of a building.

It was so much fun to see you anxiously awaiting your Crop at Home boxes this year!

a woman sitting in front of a golf cart.

Anna, Robin and Sara loved these fascinators sent for the CAH3 festivities!

three women standing next to each other in front of a cake.

Day 1 was all about Annalise and the beautiful, colorful florals. Here are some of the photos from the event!

The layouts created are so fantastic!

a picture of a man and a dog on a table.

The Tex Annas had the crafting spirit!

two women standing next to each other on a deck.

We love, love LOVE seeing your fur babies participate in the events!

a cat sitting on a table next to a quilt.

a card with a picture of three girls and flowers.

a group of people sitting around a table.

From mothers and daughters to sisters and friends, we had so much fun seeing how you created together!

two women standing next to each other smiling.

a woman holding up a piece of artwork.

a picture frame with a picture of a young girl.

These borders were one of your favorite techniques!

a woman sitting at a table with a large piece of paper.

a cat laying on top of a pink suitcase.

two women sitting at a table working on crafts.

Sometimes it takes a Create event to realize how small the world is! Our friend Pam (pictured above with her sister Michelle) was a cheerleader for a rival high school football team near where Anna grew up. This fun fact was discovered during a live guest segment!

a couple of women standing next to each other.

The Leroux family (pictured above) was with us once again! There was no shortage of fun, celebratory hats this year.

a woman wearing a green hat and a green scarf.



a woman sitting in a chair with a hat on her head.

Your amazing memories are the reason that we do our yearly scrapbook events.

a picture frame with a family picture on it.

We were all smiles after 3 days of scrapbooking our hearts out!

a group of people standing around a table in a kitchen.

This was the most epic Crop at Home to date. Our bi- yearly events are such a great way to get an incredible collection of tools and materials, connect with our crafting community, expand your creative skills and be proud of what you can accomplish.

Our next crafting event is Create 9, and it will take place Friday, November 10th through Sunday, November 12th. Tickets are on sale now on our website! We are hard at work to bring you another remarkable crafting event. Nothing lets you know what to expect from our events like your fellow crafters’ 5 star reviews! Thank you to those of you who have posted one! In the comments, tell us your favorite part of this year’s event!

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I had a blast at Crop at Home 3 and cannot wait for Create 9 and hopefully there will be a Crop at Home 4. I learned so much techniques and the creativity was amazing. All I can say is was an amazing and beautiful experience especially when we went to the Craft Room after the sessions. I meet such incredible people. Anna, Robin, Sarah and Team thank you for such a beautiful event. Cannot wait til November for Create 9.

Vanessa Fuentes

That is truly amazing!!!
Just seeing all the love spreading that crafting has created. It’s a beautiful sight.
Thank you for sharing!

Kara Lewis

This Crop at Home 3 was by far the best, and i loved all the papers ! Can not wait for Create 9 and of course Crop at Home 4 as i love Scrapbooking ! Thank you so much Anna and Team !!! Yall are amazing to say the least !

Elizabeth Gill

This year I reached out to more crafters and enjoyed connecting with them. It was a great event, and I’m looking forward to reviewing the classes again! Again, you and your great team knocked it out of the park!

Anita Cooper

I have a question? For the last photo listed. Is the lady in the second row third person from the right named Stephanie Johnson? If so tell her HI!


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