Pink box and pink Christmas projects with the date October 11, 2023

AGTV: Think Pink- October 11th, 2023

Hello Griffinites,

Calling all pink enthusiasts! On Wednesday, October 11th our next AGTV show airs at 12pm EST. Mark your calendars for our pink themed show that will feature an amazing selection of pink products and projects. It’s going to be an unforgettable show and we hope that you will join us next week!

A pink and gold card with a bow on it.

As always we will have bundles, special sneak peeks, a wonderful guest from our community and giveaways galore. Have you been dying to attend Create 9? You will have an opportunity to win and all you have to do is watch and participate. Come craft with us next week!

Bye for now,






Call (888) 817-8170

Mon-Fri, 8AM–4:30PM ET

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As much as I love all of AG things I have to pick and choose what I can get and this is obviously a once in a lifetime treat but just cannot justify that type of money at this stage of my life. Hope everyone enjoys and has a wonderful time creating and hope we get to enjoy a slim amount of your creations.

Linda P Christopher

We are all thinking pink. I will be there to watch and learn from the fabulous Anna Griffin.


Wow, that sound very interesting! Cannot wait.

Nora Okorowski

I wish so much that I could do Create again *did Create 7), but I have too many expenses that I must take care of – on my Social Security check.
Y’all enjoy.


I wish I could attend. Always wanted to but my husband was ill and I didn’t have the opportunity as I was taking care of him. He passed away in February but I don’t have the funds this time. Hopefully I will be able to attend next year. I’ll be saving for that.

Marcina Murphy

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