2 dimensional cards made with the 3D Dress Dies.

AGTV: Spring Fashion TODAY at 12pm EST

Hi crafters,

Today's AGTV crafting show has got serious style! We hope that you will join us today at 12pm for our Spring Fashion crafting show. We are excited to craft with all things chic today. From armoires to paper shoes and paper dresses to the most fashionable stickers that you have ever seen, today's AGTV is going to be a sartorial show like no other!

Spend your lunch hour with us as we offer special bundles, bring back beloved items from Anna's Archive, debut new items, give away our sneak peek items and even a ticket to Crop at Home 4.

Join us on AGTV by hopping over to our website and clicking AGTV! We will see you in just 2 short hours. Invite a friend and come craft with us! If you are not able to make the show live, you can always catch up at your leisure after the show. 





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Loving the fashion series! I’ve had to make more hard calls with my spending lately but the dresses both does and stickers were a must as well as the paper shoes.

Armanda Bond

Anna, I am your fan for so many years. I own your empress machine and a lot of your boxes kit. and plenty of your dies as well. You and Suzanne from HSN make me become a crafting maniac.. My family every time they receive a card from me, they started to collect them. they find it so spectacular that they don’t want to throw it away. I just saw your preview for march the 5th, I went crazy with the cards stand and the round boxes. Love,love,love everything you present. thanks Anna for the passion you show in all you do.

Genesis Sanchez

LOVE everything Anna makes. I am truly impressed and hooked. Just started crafting again. I can’t wait to get started. Debubo

Deborah Ubnoski

Love the dresses!

Sue Kaminske

So happy your live streams are recorded as I have commitments during this time. Enjoyed the craft projects and will be purchasing the dress dies. They were so unique. See you Tuesday! 🙂Thanks Anna and your creative team.🌸

Roxann Higgins

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