A collage of papers with a birdcage and flowers.

AGTV: September Finishing School Live- Wishing Well Finishing School Craft Box

Hello crafters,

Our next AGTV is going to be an amazing show featuring the incredible Wishing Well Finishing School Craft Box. Join us on September 6th, 2023 at 12pm EST  for our September Finishing School Live. We will be doing a deep dive with this incredible kit; be ready to create in outside the box ways. We have a beautiful show for you full of creativity, guests, projects and more! If you want to play along with us next Wednesday, get your kit here.

A collage of papers with a birdcage and flowers.

Remember that anyone can watch our AGTV shows and that they are recorded. You can catch up on past shows right on our website! We are looking forward to seeing you.







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Looking forward to it!


Looking for to this next AGTV show!💃🏻🎉


Yvonne Alvizo

Very pretty. I think I would not cover up the well so much. It’s beautiful to see the full well. Maybe I would use smaller flowers and such. I’m excited to watch you do what you do with it! Love what you do!

Shirley Dyar

Happy Wonderful Wednesday! I have my calendar updated, Anna! Always look forward to the inspiration you provide on AGTV. Hope everyone enjoys a blessed and creative day. 😊 ❤️

Karen Cloonan

Next week the weather is bouncing back up into the nineties. I can’t think of a better way to stay cool and happy by staying in and watching AGTV. The wishing well is cute. I am patiently waiting the arrival of the fountain.

Barbara Dreyfus

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