a sampling of Retro Santa Stickers

AGTV: Retro Christmas- TODAY at 12pm!


Hello Griffinites,

"Oh, by gosh, by golly. It's time for mistletoe and holly!" It's also time for our Retro Christmas crafting show on AGTV! Join us right on our streaming platform for an hour of holiday crafting like no other. If you love all things vintage Christmas, then you are in the right place! From papercrafting kits to paper sets and bundles to gifting accessories, Retro Christmas has it all!

We hope that you will come craft with us for a magical hour together!

Santa claus, santa claus, santa claus, santa cla.

We will see you on AGTV, friends! 





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Oh Anna, it was such a fun show today. The card examples were swoon worthy and those Doily Heart Dies are on my wish list, just stunning. It seems you have an extra sparkle going on, so whatever the cause, the right partner is certainly going to come your way. Thanks for the great hour in my crazy day.

Cindi K.

Anna…. None of our Santa gifts were wrapped. I have 5 siblings and the floor under the tree was pretty full! Christmas morning was very exciting!!

Teresa Mariotti

What a fun show!

Joy Gardner

Loved the AGTV show today; I love all retro Christmas things because they remind me of my childhood. Thank you, Anna.

Kelly Ann Boyle

As a finishing school member, we should be getting free shipping. Why am I being charged shipping?

Sharilyn murgia

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