a sampling of Retro Santa Stickers

AGTV: Retro Christmas- TODAY at 12pm!


Hello Griffinites,

"Oh, by gosh, by golly. It's time for mistletoe and holly!" It's also time for our Retro Christmas crafting show on AGTV! Join us right on our streaming platform for an hour of holiday crafting like no other. If you love all things vintage Christmas, then you are in the right place! From papercrafting kits to paper sets and bundles to gifting accessories, Retro Christmas has it all!

We hope that you will come craft with us for a magical hour together!

Santa claus, santa claus, santa claus, santa cla.

We will see you on AGTV, friends! 



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I love them. Miss u Anna. When are we coming back to Georgia. Had such a great time with all the things u taught us. Have a blessed holiday.

Irene bartholomai

I really enjoyed this show. But, I could not find the list of winners for the AGTV

Jean L Fergus

Was unable to watch. Will a video be available? Or a replay of some kind?

lori Jennings

I loved the Retro Show! I love your
Kitsch products. I haven’t been able to watch live, but love it after. I miss communicating with you Anna. I think you should get tickets to an NFL game with Taylor & meet your man! Although, I am an EAGLES fan big time. 🦅 you know Taylor’s boyfriend is the brother of one of my fav players on Eagles. Who knows?😍

Becky Jo Cannon

I am so sorry I wasn’t able to watch live with you today, Anna, but life happened and I just wasn’t able to join y’all. I couldn’t wait til tonight to get on and watch everything. WOW! I loved everything, but I love the part with your special guest, Elizabeth Fudge. God Bless her for her service and God Bless you, Anna, for being so sweet, caring and generous. PS: never have I ever attended one of your crop at home or a create, but my husband, of almost 39 years has just purchased the Create 9 boxes of goodies for me. I cannot wait until Santa comes so I can dig in!
I am hoping I get a membership from Santa, as well. LOL

Kimberly T

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