2 paper shoes cards with pretty paper patterns around

AGTV: Paper Circus- TODAY at 12pm ET.

Hi crafters,

Join us today at 12pm ET for our AGTV crafting show, Paper Circus. Today's livestream will be filled with crafting demos, sneak peeks, Anna's Archive, giveaways and so much more! 

All you have to do to watch AGTV is head over to our website and click AGTV! Invite your creative friends and come spend an hour crafting with us! It's always more fun when you are with us live!

Don't forget, if you are not able to make the show live, you can always catch up by watching the replay at your leisure after the show. 

We will see you during the 12pm lunch hour on AGTV!

Two handmade flip-flop-shaped greeting cards adorned with floral patterns and decorative elements on a colorful, patterned background.



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I’m so excited for all the spring crafts

Jalene Hunter

I am not the only one who may never sign up for Anna Griffin finishing school again. I always have to sign in and even then often cannot watch a live event. When I try to purchase items the ball goes around and around never to go in the cart. Please fix whatever is wrong, hav e had Best Buy out to check my machine and it works well. If its is my fault why are there so many others having the same problem? I have followed Anna since QVC but now so frustrated feel it may not be worth the aggravation.

Lynne Iberg

Just watched the new PAPER SNEAKER SHOSE BOX in Finishing School so cute. And Anna is always showing this OLD DOG new tricks!!!

Sheri Fitch

Maria sounds like a phenomenal woman, who is so incredibly talented. I do so relate to her answer to “What is your favorite Anna Griffin product?”. I really don’t know what I would do without your Empress machine and dies. They are incredible, and I love, love them.

Debbie Lowe

Just read about Maria. She is a fabulous creative lady. So glad to have met her through you, Anna!

Joanne Hotchkiss

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