Two cards made with the paper dress dies and products

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We had such a fun show last week that was all about paper fashion and if you missed out on the fun, then we are recapping it for you below. Don't forget that you can access our AGTV shows 24/7 right on our website

Our winners from Wednesday's shows are as follows. Each has won the Canton Bleu Hat Box Storage. If you are a winner and haven't already please email us at

  • Leigh Bradshaw
  • JoDee Raimondo 
  • Kathy H Arlington

The winner of the Crop at Home 4 in honor of Mary Ann Larson is: 

  • Gwen Thompson

We can't get enough of our incredible Paper Shoes Finishing School Craft Box! We loved getting to show you projects made with it!

We spoke with an amazing Grifinite from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Simbonika Spencer. We loved our chat together about finding your crafting voice and how important community is!

There isn't a better place to store your paper fashion than a beautiful armoire.

Create gorgeous armoires with the Antique Armoire Dies and Supplies from Create 9.

We also have the Antique Armoire Dies a la carte!

The Paper Dress Dies made their debut on AGTV.

The Paper Fashion Stickers are so much fun to work with. Whether you are using them individually or with our Paper Doll Diecuts, you are sure to create the most fashionable card around!

We love to take a trip down crafting memory lane in Anna's Archive. We brought back the Animal Print Cardstock and the 3D Beautiful Bow Dies just for our Spring Fashion crafting show.

The Purse Bundle includes all 4 of our amazing purse dies all together. Get yours while the bundle is still together.

We have also combined the Lillian Tote and Cosmetic Bag. This set is just the thing for spring weekends on the go!

For our Sneak Peek we debuted the beautiful Canton Bleu Hat Box Storage. If you are getting your craft room organized, then you are going to love these lovely boxes with dividers. 

We also have the Amelie Hat Box Storage available if they are more your color palette.

The best way to experience all things Anna Griffin is with an AG Membership. This gets you exclusive discounts, free shipping on orders over $50, a private community, members only events and products! 

We are officially less than 2 months out from our Crop at Home 4 event! The scrapbooking event will be live-streamed over 3 days this May 3rd- 5th, and includes over $1500 worth of product and 19 hours of live instruction. We hope that you will join us for an unforgettable weekend of creativity.

Spring Fashion Shopping List

AG-1704  Paper Shoes Finishing School Craft Box
AG-1704R Paper Shoes Refill Kit 
AG-1687A Armoire Dies and Materials
AG-1687A-D Armoire Dies
AG-1768 Paper Dress Dies
AG-1739 Paper Fashion Stickers
AG-1068 Animal Print Cardstock
AG-1424 3D Mini Beautiful Bow Dies
AG-PURSES Set of 4 Purse Dies
FG577-1472 Tote Bag with Cosmetic 
AG-1740 Canton Bleu Hat Box Storage 
AG-1735 Amelie Hat Box Storage
  AG MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Join us today at 12pm for our Crafting Essentials live stream show at 12pm. We have a fun hour planned for you full of crafting, bundles, projects and more. AGTV is the place to be!






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Thank you for the Live shows I have so much fun watching and adding my comments to the Chat. I think the FADED ROSE COLLECTION in the Chop at Home 4 Event is stunning. The color pallet makes me smile.

Sheri Fitch

First of all I am so excited to have won the First Mystery box. I cannot wait for it to arrive. Second all the items that were for sale are amazing. I was able to stock up on some of the items I was running low on and got some new items that I needed. My poor credit card is so tired from Craft event on HSN but I still pushed it to keep on getting for me today. I loved the show.

Vanessa Fuentes

Help! I inadvertently ordered the mini tote and cover. I had wanted the mini die cutting machine! No one responded to my request.

Carol Shaw

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