a collage of a flower shop with roses.

AGTV: Live Stream Lowdown- May Finishing School Live

Hello crafters,

We had such a great time last week during our May Finishing School Live on AGTV. We got up close and personal with our Flower Shop Finishing School Craft Box, and made 3 gorgeous projects. It’s fun to start with a beginner projects and work our way towards an advanced one. With the Finishing School Craft Boxes, it’s always a good idea to think outside the box. There’s no limit to what you can make when you imagine the contents to be something great! In case you missed it, you can catch up on our show from last Wednesday here.

a collage of a flower shop with roses.

For Project 1, we made a gorgeous card complete with a curved awning, topiaries and a gilded storefront.

a close up of a card with flowers on it.

In Project 2, we cut the door away to peek inside the store and filled the window with flowers.

a close up of a card with a building.

For Project 3, we had a masterclass on created an amazing 3D storefront, complete with a brick embossed building.

a small toy store with flowers on the front.

AGTV May Finishing School Live- Shopping List

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Mark your calendars for our next AGTV shows on June 8th at 12pm and on June 16th at 12pm. We have great shows, bundles, projects and more planned just for  you!

a birthday card with flowers and a teapot.





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You asked at Crop at Home 3 if we have any ideas for Create 9. Here’s an idea I was thinking about that I think would be fun! How about a Christmas village? A Church, a toy store, a school, a house, all day he things a Christmas village would have. I think it would be really fun to have something like this.

Karen Patrick

So very cool 😎

Paula Pembroke

love all the inspiration

Kathleen L Hornschemeier

Love all of it. So happy that my order is on its’ way to me.

Patti Breidenstein

Oh my goodness Anna, you’ve gone and done it again. More cleverness. More beautifulness. More More More. Thanks for all you and your crew does to fulfill our need for crafting.

Lorelei (Laurie) Stephens

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