a greeting card with flowers and butterflies.

AGTV Live Stream Low Down – FSL Mother’s Day

Hi friends,

Thank you all for joining us last week for our April Finishing School Live! We created 3 amazing projects for Mother’s Day during our hour together, and they are the kind of projects that you want to give to the special mothers in your life. Below we have recapped our April 20th show for you. In case you missed it, you can watch the whole hour of fun here.

a greeting card with flowers and butterflies.

Our project 1 was made with the Simply Mother’s Day Card Making Kit.

a mother's day card with flowers on it.

Our Project 2 was the most beautiful purse made with the Luxury Quilted Purse Dies.

a handbag with a bunch of flowers on it.

For Project 3 we created a gorgeous, interactive card with the Wiper Card Dies.

a close up of a card with flowers on it.

AGTV Mother’s Day Shopping List

AG-1617 Simply Mother’s Day Card Making Kit

AG-1595 Luxury Quilted Purse Dies

AG-932 Doily Edge Cut and Emboss Dies

AG-014 Lila Cardstock and Paper

AG-1558A Luxury Matte Foil Cardstock Antique

AG-1431 Favorite Flowers 5

AG-1473 Flower and Leaf Cardstock

AG-1581 Wiper Dies

AG-1422 Heirloom Lace Papercrafting Kit

AG-1500 Everyday Matte Foil

If you want to expand your creative horizons, become an AG Member! From member exclusive pricing to on demand crafting classes, a private crafting community and more, there are so many reasons to be a part of our amazing membership!

Our next AGTV shows in May are on May 17th and May 25th, so mark your calendars for our next appearances.

See you soon!





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I will be watching. Love the AGTV shows!

Sandra Tomaszewski

Anna, your Mother’s Day projects are so
Lovely. Looking at all the items brings
Sweet memories of my Wonderful mother
who passed in 2003. I was blessed with
having such a wonderful mother. I
will send greetings to friends on that
special day.

Helen Martin

OMG!!! I got Covid again!!! Not to bad I just feel like a super bad cold. Thank goodness for all of the Finishing School Classes I will be re watching a lot for the next few days.

Sheri Fitch

Great products to choose from today. Looking forward to the show.

Margie Hendry

Oh so many to choose from. Hmmm, maybe not choose just select what I want. I can’t resist any of Anna products. Thanks for making it easy to purchase on here.

Constance Thomas

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