A collage of papers with a birdcage and flowers.

AGTV: Finishing School Live- Wishing Well Finishing School Craft Box TODAY at 12pm EST

Hello Griffinites,

We have an amazing Finishing School Live planned for you today! Head over to our website an click AGTV to watch our live show at 12pm Eastern. We will be showing you how to work with the Wishing Well Finishing School Craft Box along with the Wishing Well Double Sided Cardstock and Wishing Well Embellishments. Wishing wells are thought to be associated with good luck and fortune, so our easel cards are the perfect thing to send to your friends, family and loved ones.

Join us in just 2 short hours for a fun filled and inspiring craft show.

A collage of papers with a birdcage and flowers.

We will make 3 gorgeous projects: a beginner, intermediate and advanced project. There will be giveaways, including a spot at our incredible Create 9 event this November. Meet a special guest, a member of our Griffinite community and so much more. AGTV is the place to be for all craft lovers; we have tips, tricks and techniques to inspire you. There are brand new, sneak peek items that you can get before anyone else! We love getting to be with you during our interactive shows. If you can’t make it, you can always watch at your leisure here.



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Congratulations to the winners.
You will love it!
The best experience ever!!
Wish I was going this year!!
It’s an experience of a life time!!


This was a great show today, so very inspiring. Still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to win a create 9 ticket, maybe I should throw my wish into the wishing well.

I’ve never attended one, but would love to share it with my grandmother, as we are the card makers in our family and we are 40 years apart in age. It would be our dream come true to attend and it would be something special between us.

Shannon H

Enjoyed the show. Love the wishing well concept. Would love it in a card kit.

Brenda Tatchell

I was only able to catch the last 15 minutes live. But I will definitely watch the replay. I know that I will learn new techniques and meet another amazing Griffinite. It is nice to meet folks even though we never meet in person.
Happy Crafting!

Leslie Ramsey

I was not able to attend the live version of the due being on business trip but I watched the reply and I feel like I missed out on all of the live interaction. But I still loved the reply it was amazing. I will try to make sure to be at the next live event. But I have to say thank goodness for reply option.

Vanessa Fuentes

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