2 Valentine's Day cards with love themed embellishments

AGTV: Celebrate Love

Hello Griffinites,

Our first AGTV show of the year is coming your way in just one week. Join us on Wednesday, January 10th at 12pm for an hour of Valentine's Day crafting! We will be celebrating all things L-O-V-E and making cards to match. From card kits and paper crafting kits to bundles and embellishments, we will have everything you need to create one of a kind valentines. Join us for a special guest, Anna's Archive, Sneak Peek items and more that you will love.

We have such a fun show planned for you next week! Tell a friend, and meet us on AGTV for Celebrate Love!



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Love the red white and blue set I have a grandson who graduated from Annapolis and he is serving in the U S Navy on a destroyer he enjoys the cards i send him when he comes back to San Diego in port

Carol Desautels

Love your cards. Any cards that you choose will be awesome!

Sandra Brasher

Looking forward to watching@

Mary Miller

On Wednesday we at h AGTV at noon! So looking forward to seeing new inspiration with our crafting community! 2024 is here!🎉 Let’s make it fabulous together!!🎉

Deepa Black

I’ll be watching. I just hope I make it to the live event. 💞🙏🏼

Becky Jo Cannon

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