Magnet Sheets for Die Binder, 8.5×11

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Keep your passion for die cutting organized with these magnetic pages. Store your complete sets of dies on these pages and insert in one of our Anna Griffin Die Storage Binders (sold separately). You’ll never have to look for a missing die again!

(5), 8.5″x 11″ Ivory Damask magnetic sheets with 3 hole punch

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  1. Michele Leone (verified owner)

    Love ,love, love this item !!! I just ordered more as I ran out of them & have several dies that need to be stored. I try to keep the paper for the kits in the front of each & then of course the dies on the other side which is magnetic. Can’t figure out another way to store my dies without them getting ruined . If you haven’t tried them it’s an absolute try.
    Michele Leone

  2. Sherence Sathekge (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these magnetic sheets. They are the strongest on the market by far. They get a bit heavy in binders; however, I just categorized them in different binders. Anna’s dies are very sturdy. With over 100+ Anna sturdy die sets, I can’t compromise on quality. These are the best magnetic sheets for the best dies.

  3. Dotty Hammond (verified owner)

    I have over 100 sets of AG dies. Although I store her die sets on the AG magnetic sheets, the weight became problematic. My solution was to store in roller carts with extendable handles. When the sheets are stored on their sides and labeled, it is life changing. I also use 3 holed protective sheets to show the instruction sheets in front of the same magnetic sheet. Everything is within reach and in sight.

  4. Leslie Anne Sinning (verified owner)

    I spent yesterday enjoying organizing my Holiday fall & season greeting dies in constant and daily use with my new 2 sets of 5 of these along with the ones I already owned. I already owned a set of 6 1/2″ soft side binders with clear sleeves on spine and front to label what’s in side. I ordered another set of 6 & plan to order 2 more sets soon. With large 8.5×11″ clear velcro tabbed storage envelopes with 3 ring binder edge the 1/2″ binders hold 5-6 of these magnetic sheets with dies on them. Now I can pull just the magnetic sheet out to place back a die I just used or pull out other dies and keep everything clean, away from kitty paws, & safe from being lost. I have several 9×12″ no drilled holes for binders of these magnetic sheets that I love to lay out my dies on when I’m in major production so to speak. These don’t have envelopes I’ve bought or found yet to fit them. However I do have the the heat tools that allow me to make any size pouches out of lamination clear sheeting. I have 12 & 27″ rolls of such lamintion material and a 14″ professional heat controlled laminator. So hey hey hey. Also I think I’ll try to sew a similar envelope to fit into a binder out of medium pack cloth with a clear front window so slip these 9×12″ magnetic sheets into. Since I haven’t seen them come back in order for a long while I found I could make my own both the 8.5×11″ I made 4 was thrilled buy the quality and sturdiness. Not as perfect as these but oh my gosh really good using glued to heavy white board. Turns out I remembered I have 20 year old magnetic sheeting in a roll of 30″ by 10 yards deep in my sewing room walk in closet. OH yes I am. As the saying goes sometimes you have to go to the mountain if well you know in this case the 9×12’s are just never in stock. Having made my own 8.5×11″s as nice as they are I will buy 1-2 more packs of these because they are a bit skinnier and well I just like them. Same with the larger ones if they ever are instock again. I’d buy at least two packs right off. They are fantastic & prevents my naughty kitty from making off with his favorite dies the shadow dies large and small the ones that sometimes look like wire shapes. He can pick one up and be off even when I’m in the same room & I’ve found them all over the house including up and down stairs. He leaves my jigsaw puzzles alone but those thin wire or narrow shaped cut outs like cookie cutter shadowed dies his favorites. He also has dropped a few dies into a garbage can I keep handy to throw left over paper into around the room. I make sure the can is never very close to the table I keep the dies on for selecting now. What’s that you say close the door and keep kitty OUT. Not this cat, not this house. LOL.

  5. Wendy Burton (verified owner)

    These are by far the best magnetic die sheets I’ve ever tried and believe me I’ve tried them all. I am currently changing my die storage system over to these.

  6. Sharon Hay (verified owner)

    Im sad that her die sets are not coming on these anymore. .I am still trying to keep all I buy on them. I love having them organized and protected from being broken.

  7. Lara Snider (verified owner)

    I love these sheets! They are strongly magnetic, don’t stick together, and are a great price. All my dies are in 3 ring binders, and I have a lot! I have example sheets in other binders to be able to look in one place for my many dies.

  8. oterpaws (verified owner)

    I LOVE these magnetic sheets, I actually place them in super heavy weight sheet protectors to protect the dies. I use the thinner magnetic vent sheets for my other dies because it is more cost effective. Wish I could afford to store all my dies on AG magnetic sheets, will be placing another order for two more sets on anticipation of more purchases,

  9. michaelecrow1 (verified owner)

    I love storing my dies in binders and one of my favorite items for my craft room are these magnetic die sheets. The larger size allows you get more dies per sheet. I used to have two magnetic storage dies for my bohemian and feather dies, but was able to use a sheet for each with these new magnetic sheets. They are sturdy and one side is magnetic so they don’t stick to your other die sheets. Pair them with an Anna Griffin binder for perfect die storage!

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