Coloring Cards, Stamps with Ink



Remember how much fun it was to color as a kid? Recreate those carefree moments with colorable crafts! This sophisticated card making set lets you stamp out personalized floral motifs that you can leave as-is or color in for extra customization. Perfect for any occasion and every crafter!
Chalk ink pad – black
Clear acrylic mount – approx. 3-1/2″L x 5-1/2″W
3 Sheets of 3 clear stamp designs (9 total) – approx. 6-1/2″L x 8-1/2″W
18 Folded coloring cards – approx. 6-1/4″L x 4-1/2″W
18 Envelopes – approx. 6-3/8″L x 4-3/4″W
Storage folio

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