Can I sell items that I make with Anna Griffin products?

  • Anna Griffin Inc.'s products are especially designed for the enjoyment of our consumers. In support of creativity, we allow consumers to use our products (papers, embellishments and stamps) to create a limited number of handmade, original projects to sell at craft shows and other small venues if they comply with the following guidelines in our Angel Policy.
  • Designs must be handmade and not mechanically reproduced (no photocopies or scans) or mass produced (more than 25 copies of each design). Projects incorporating our designs may not be sold in retail stores or on the Internet. Individuals cannot represent themselves or their projects as being affiliated with Anna Griffin Inc. You may not use Anna Griffin Inc. copyrighted material for the purpose of creating logos, trademark, trade name, or trade dress or be used in any manner that is considered harmful towards Anna Griffin Inc. Unauthorized use, scanning or reproducing of our products or designs is strictly prohibited by law.

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