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Live Stream Lowdown- Celebrate Love

Hello crafters,

We had an amazing time together one week ago during our Celebrate Love AGTV show. Thank you to everyone who joined us live last Wednesday. If you missed the show, you are in luck! We have the replay available for you at your leisure. The focus of Celebrate Love was all about creating cards and projects to celebrate love and Valentine's Day!

We always have fun giveaways during our AGTV shows, and since the chat is fast and furious we have the winners listed for you here. If you are a winner and haven’t gotten into contact with us, please email us at RSVP@annagriffin.com to claim your prize. The January 10th winners were:

  • Janet Oliver
  • Janice Richardson
  • Danielle Vain
  • Candace Craven
  • Sandy Sandoval
  • Kathy Lewis

In our first project we combined the Simply Rocking Valentine's Card Making Kit and Romantic Stickers and Sentiments to make this gorgeous card.

We talked to crafter, Rachel Bixler in Port St. Joe, Florida. She is a doctor in her hometown, and loves to scrapbook and craft as a hobby and stress reliever. We are so glad that she took time out of her busy day to come chat with us!

We used the Ribbon of Hearts Slimline Dies and Dearest Sticker Bundle for our next project. We also showed off the Valentine Perfect Pattern Slimline Cut & Emboss Folders (sold out).

For Anna's Archive we made this gorgeous easel card with the Heirloom Lace Finishing School Craft Box. We also had the Ribbon Edge Dies and Simple Shutter With Love Card Marking Kit for the segment.

For our last project We made this lovely card with the Enchanted Vellum Card Toppers. They are bundled with the Shimmer Blush Cards and Envelopes and you can still get the duo. Our other bundle is also still available; it's the Heirloom Lace Papercrafting Kit & Heirloom Scrapbook Papers and Embellishments. No matter what kind of crafts you are making, you will find these items beautiful and useful!

Celebrate Love Shopping List

AG-1589 Simply Rocking Valentine's Card Making Kit
AG-1698 Romantic Stickers and Sentiments
AG-1697 Ribbon of Hearts Slimline Dies
AG-1699-1728 Dearest Sticker Bundle
AG-1205 Heirloom Lace Finishing School Craft Box
AG-1299 Ribbon Edge Dies
AG-1311 Simple Shutter With Love Card Marking Kit
AG-1582-1586 Enchanted Vellum Card Toppers & Shimmer Blush Cards and Envelopes                                                                                                     
AG-1422-1459 Heirloom Lace Papercrafting Kit & Heirloom Scrapbook Papers and Embellishments


AG MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



We love our time together, and AGTV is one of the highlights of our month. If you haven't already, mark your calendars for our next live crafting show on January 24th. We look forward to our next show, sneak peeks, guests and more!

Bye for now,




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It was a fun show. Congratulations to all the winners. Actually we are all winners enjoying Anna Griffin shows and using her beautiful products.

Kara Lewis

Everything you create and present is amazing! Wish I could afford to buy
more. Someday ….

Helen Martin

I love all of this new content and new contact. Looking forward to the next live membership event. Actually looking forward to all of the upcoming events. Love you, Anna. Coni

Constance Thomas

I am glad you showed the repeat of the last AGTV show because I saw some ideas I definitely missed noticing. Thanks ❣️

Diane Pinkston

Congratulations to the winners!!
I enjoyed watching the live show and will watch it on replay again. I so enjoy my Anna inspiration.
Happy Crafting!.

Leslie Ramsey

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