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Fan Mail Friday - November 17th, 2023

Hello friends,

It's hard to believe that we were together for Create 9 a whole week ago! We love getting to craft with you, get to know you and see how much joy creating brings each and every one of you. If you attended, we want to say thank you so much for spending last weekend with us! We have Thanksgiving on our mind since the holiday is next week, and we just want you to know just how thankful we are for you!

Come catch up with us for today's Fan Mail Friday!

Teresa wants to wish us all a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you so much, and we adore your lovely Calligraphic Sentiment Dies card!

Kathy is back in her craftroom and just mailed her Thanksgiving cards off to family and friends. She sent this pretty Carte Noire card to let us know how much she, her daughter and her sister enjoy Create!

We are grateful for you, Mary Beth! Thank you for the gorgeous Thanksgiving card, and we hope that you have an amazing holiday. 

Roxanne is thankful that she found us and this wonderful community. We are thankful for you, Roxanne. We appreciate your kind words and your beautiful cornucopia easel card!

Adina always makes the most creative projects, and we are in love with how she used the bench from our Trellis Album Class to be front and center on this gorgeous card. She was so inspired by seeing Anna's porch and had it in mind with this card.

Thank you all for this week's sweet sentiments and beautiful projects. We love to hear from you! Submit something for Fan Mail Friday by mailing it to our office at 99 Armour Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30324. 







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I mailed a Calligraphy Sentiment Card into Anna 1-1/2 weeks ago but, a lot has been happening on your end, so it probably got lost or misplaced. Anyway Anna & Team, the card was meant to say how grateful I am for you in my life. You bless my life so that I can bless family & friends in mine. It comes around full circle! Thank you so much.

Diane Pinkston

It is going to take me a bit to find how to use the new site. Love everything so far. Looking forward to AG live too.

Constance Thomas

All of the projects were fantastic loving all of them. I also loving the new website. I was like a fish out of the water when I was not able to access the Anna’s website. Know it is great that I am able to access the website. Everyone have a great weekend and God bless you all.

Vanessa Fuentes

I am so amazed that you took on changing your website right after Create nine! Each one of those undertakings are difficult enough but you pulled it off in the sign was easy! Thank you for all of the positive affirmations. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Julie Fallon

I just discovered your blog is back. I was so happy to see it. It’s the first thing I look for as I’m having my tea every morning. It’s always a joy seeing all the beautiful creations. Thanks to everyone for sharing your beauty.

Kara Lewis

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