A collection of holiday cards featuring roses and a sleigh.

AGTV: Holiday Splendor Today at 12pm

Hello Griffinites,

We are getting ready for our Holiday Splendor show today at 12pm. We will be live on AGTV for a show full of Christmas fun, holiday crafting, a special guest, sneak peeks, giveaways and so much more. In addition to our sneak peek giveaways, one lucky Griffinite will win a spot to this year’s Create 9 event. Join us for an hour of spectacular holiday cards, Christmas kits, holiday dies and merry embellishments.

Our festive crafting show starts in 2 short hours, we hope to see you there; anyone can join!

A collection of holiday cards featuring roses and a sleigh.

For those of you who haven’t purchased  your Create 9 tickets, we invite you to experience the weekend of a lifetime November 10th- 12th! Get yours on sale on our website now through September 25th.

You will get 2 incredible boxes filled with the tools and materials needed for 9 amazing classes.

A black box with a floral design on it.

New classes and custom materials will ensure that you learn new tips, tricks and techniques all weekend long.

A bag with a floral pattern and a piece of paper.

Over 3 days and 2 nights you will learn new crafting techniques, work with brand new products and best of all, make new friends.Our live stream allows you to participate in the comfort of your own home. We are excited to bring you Create on a private platform allowing you to connect with one another for a crafting experience like never before!You know what we say…”it’s all beautiful in the making!”

A set of floral wedding invitations with a button.

SAVE OVER $1700!


Get $2000 worth of tools, materials and experience for $495.

On SALE now through September 25th for $445!


MSRP (If Purchased Separately)
2 Storage Boxes $50.00
Event Pin $10.00
Beautiful Birthday Class Dies $32.00
Victorian Christmas Class Dies $32.00
Gift Tag Compendium Dies $54.00
Christmas Crackers Dies $47.00
Photo Finish Easel Card Dies $54.00
Perfume Box  Dies $73.00
Trellis Album Dies $116.00
Antique Armoire Dies $95.00
Heirloom Ornaments Dies $99.00
Beautiful Birthday Class Materials $67.00
Victorian Christmas Class Materials $54.00
Gift Tag Compendium Materials $42.00
Christmas Crackers Materials $55.00
Photo Finish Easel Card Materials $52.00
Perfume Box Materials $57.00
Trellis Album Materials $59.00
Antique Armoire Materials $52.00
Heirloom Ornaments Materials $77.00
9 Live Classes with instructional pdfs $900
Virtual Craft Room 2 nights $100.00
GRAND TOTAL $2,177.00


See you soon!





Email hello@annagriffin.com

Call (888) 817-8170

Mon-Fri, 8AM–4:30PM ET

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I can’t even imagine having all that’s included. My heart would explode! Please post yall designs when y’all can!

Love looking at all of it!

Debbie Tauzin

My ticket is purchased. The materials are stunning. This is my first time, and I just cannot wait. I was able to get the Friday off to hopefully watch the videos. In fact, I’m not going anywhere that weekend. I may have to take the dogs out once or twice but I intend to be there for all the fun! I’m so glad I get this opportunity.

Betty Gorman

I am over-the-top excited for Create 9. I can hardly wait for the boxes to arrive; they are such a joy to receive. The Holiday Splendor show today was such fun too; Anna shared so many wonderful things with us.

Kelly Boyle

I would love to be a part of this event. Last year’s Create 8 was WONDERFUL and this year’s looks even more impressive. Anyone thinking about doing this year’s Create 9 really should!! I recommend it 100%. Unfortunately I have recently become a single parent of a disabled adult child and can’t afford it this year. It’s been a tough summer and life just isn’t fair sometimes. But, everyone has their good and bad times…this too shall pass. I really enjoy watching the videos so, for now, that is positive and good enough.

Theresa Kifer

Wow!! I enjoyed create last year, but this one looks so amazing. This is my style, love what I saw. Really looking forward to getting my box.

Cinnamon Eck

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